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My Work In Leadership Consultancy Has Helped Business Leaders Make The Transition From Being Experts In Their Field To Effective Leaders

My work in leadership consultancy has helped business leaders make the transition from being experts in their field to effective leaders. By becoming effective leaders, they are able to drive sustainable high performance in teams and organisations.

I have coached experts in all fields – from finance to science, to law and IT – and have walked with them on their journey to becoming leaders.

How can leadership consultancy benefit you

I come across a lot of apprehension and reluctance from people in the beginning. This may come from a lack of confidence, a mistaken belief of what it is to be a leader, or simply because they believe they do not have the time.

My coaching allows them to see a wider picture, and their journey to being a leader not only turns them in to happier, more efficient, successful people – but in turn sharpens and energises the organisation that they are part of.

Leadership Consulting For Effective Leaders

My clients become effective leaders by:

  • Building confidence and self-belief
  • Enhancing leadership presence and impact
  • Growing their ability to motivate and inspire people
  • Improving resilience
  • Creating more enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfilment

As a leadership consultant, I support them through leadership coaching for individuals and teams, mastermind groups and group coaching, and through my online courses which are designed to provide leadership development that fits around a person’s work.

One-to-one Leadership Coaching

Businesses more than ever need to the skills of good leaders on board. A good leader will face challenges and obstacles and will need the skills to adapt to this. My coaching helps leaders change their behaviour accordingly, shift their mindset and give them the emotional capacity to handle the tests that businesses in the 21st century face. My coaching provides reflection, a confidential sounding board and honest feedback to help grow people in to the leaders they are capable of being.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leaders operate in a complex, fast changing environment. It is no longer possible or desirable for individual leaders to operate in super-hero mode. What is required is the creation of effective leadership teams. The systemic leadership team coaching approach I use results in sustainable high performance for leadership teams which in turn creates the climate for sustainable high performance for their organisations.

Masterminds and Group Workshops

Mastermind groups of CEOs from non-competing organisations enable leaders to confidentially share learning and get peer support on their leadership journeys. I also run workshops for groups of leaders within organisations. Topics include strategy development, company values, building trust. This approach facilitates both peer learning and cross departmental collaboration.

Online Course

My online course, The Effective Leadership Launcher, takes people from being an expert to a sustainably effective leader. In a lot of businesses, people need flexible, convenient learning and development and this is delivered through a combination of online modules with personal support as required.

Through all these different approaches, I offer people the opportunity to grow and develop in to the best leader they are capable of being.

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