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What’s The Difference Between Leadership And Management?

Although leadership and management are not one and the same, they should go hand in hand. While some of the characteristics of a good manager – to organise and co-ordinate – are necessary to the running of an organisation, a leader learns to take these to the next level. In short, managers explain what to do, leaders show how to do it.

Over the past few decades, businesses have been moving away from treating their people as cogs in a wheel. There is now the realisation that each member brings individual and unique skills.

In order to grow as an organisation, these talents need to recognised and harnessed. It is crucial in management leadership to understand that everyone in the business has the ability to introduce positive changes and ideas in to a company.

This is why it is vital that managers take on the qualities of leadership. It is no longer enough to make sure targets are hit with an efficient team. Managers now need to nurture their people and realise their potential. By doing this, they reach their goals faster and with happier people.

The focus moves away from “managing” people, to “leading” people – and making sure their strengths are maximised to be in tune with the direction of the organisation.

My coaching teaches the difference between leadership and management and enables managers to transition into leaders. I encourage leaders to realise that their role in the organisation is to build trust and connect with others in a way that engages them. What happens when a team engages with their leader is that you have people who want to co-collaborate and build a future based on a shared vision.

Leadership Vs Management Skills

Of course, this is a shift from what the traditional manager is used to: the following of processes and systems that businesses are based on. Their focus should now be on people and finding the different facets that make up a strong, motivated and happy team.

And the truth is, it is within all of us to be leaders. The traditional view of what a leader is – a Barack Obama or a Margaret Thatcher – may make some people think it is only for a select few. People often forget that with these â”big name” leaders, there is more than one person running the show. A good leader realises that every person counts in an organisation, and their job as leader is to bring them together into a cohesive whole.

What turns a manager in to a good leader is the confidence to realise they can inspire, motivate and energise people.

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