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Discover how to get control of how you spend your time

This free e-Book, Create the Time to Lead, has tips and strategies for becoming a more effective leader through gaining control of your time

The 5 Most Important Tips:

  • Learn how to use your time more effectively so that you create the time to lead and be more strategic.
  • Figure out what your key priorities are and focus on them so you get back control of your time, eliminate some pressure, add more value and deliver against your objectives.
  • At the same time create more balance in your life and sleep more soundly at night.
  • You will learn how to develop the potential of your people through coaching and feedback
  • This free e-Book, Create the Time to Lead, has tips and strategies for gaining control of your time and becoming a more effective leader.
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Four Complimentary Webinars to ensure that you grow through the current crisis and come out even stronger.

Spot the opportunities amidst adversity. I am offering free access to my 40-minute online seminar Leading Through Adversity and Uncertainty: How to stay resilient, spot opportunities and exploit them.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to quickly spot opportunities when everyone else just sees adversity
  • How to integrate adaptability and agility to exploit those opportunities
  • How to get your key stakeholders to buy into opportunities
  • How to get your team to look to you for inspiration whilst being self-reliant

Less Stress, More Resilience, Better Outcomes: How to convert stress into sustainable success
In this 30-minute on-line seminar you will learn:

  • How to interrupt the stress response and choose how to respond rather than react
  • How to create a stress-free environment where trust and collaboration improve
  • How to help your business save on the cost of stress related absence
  • How to manage stress in a way that brings your organisation happier people, improved health and well-being, better productivity, greater creativity, more willingness to embrace change and ability to learn new things

As a result, you will enjoy life and leadership more, realise more of your potential as a leader and create a high performance environment in which your people can deliver sustainable success thus ensuring that your organisation and everyone in it thrive.

Leading change in yourself and others is key to thriving in our volatile and uncertain world.

Leading Change in Yourself and Others: How to lead change that sticks

  • How to be the change you want to see by leading yourself through change
  • How to create a change friendly environment where people embrace rather than resist change
  • How to encourage behaviour change in others
  • How to ensure that change energises rather than drains your/your team
  • How to make change sustainable

Prior to the current crisis lack of time was the biggest challenge facing my clients. Some of us may have more time on our hands now but treating it as precious is just as vital.

I am offering free access to my 30-minute online seminar:

Your Time Matters: How to save up to 4 hours a week

  • How to be strategic about your time
  • How to raise your awareness of where your time goes
  • How to manage your mind and not your time
  • How to create positivity around how you spend your time
  • How to make sure you have time for you

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