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Executive Development

What is Executive Development?

When executives decide that they want to develop leadership skills, they must be aware that it takes an active approach. In my executive development programmes, I support individuals to take control over their own progress to become a sustainably effective leader.

Unlike so many other products available, my executive development programmes are designed with the individual in mind. There are a lot of ‘one size fits all’ packages out there, however, no two leaders are the same, and with this in mind, I have created a learning approach which is made specific to the user. A fundamental part of this is the diagnostics stage, where we discover your strengths and your developmental areas. This immediately gives you a framework to take an active approach to your development and ensures that the programme is right for you.

Here are the elements that make up the executive development programmes that I offer:

Diagnostic stage – As mentioned above, the diagnostics stage is really to work out where your strengths lie, and what areas need more development. This means that you have a custom-made guide on where to focus. After a period of time, normally around twelve months, we revisit this diagnostic stage. It is then that you can assess your progress over the year.

Self-coaching – Also known as self-directed learning. I provide my leaders with a course of videos. These are videos which you watch, learn from and reflect on. You then develop your own action plan for the areas you wish to develop. This self-coaching stage encourages you to take an active role in your journey.

Peer Group learning – Otherwise known as social learning. This takes place within a group, and allows individuals to share their experiences with others who may be from within the same organisation or from different organisations. This can be hugely beneficial and encourages the development of a learning community.

Work-based learning – Leaders apply what they have learnt so far within a work place project. This helps the new learning to be embedded in to your day to day activities and behaviours, which in turn makes your journey to being a leader more sustainable.

Learning buddies – I recommend that you choose someone to act as a learning buddy. You share your learning objectives with them and they hold you to account for progressing towards them. This has the bonus of having direct and honest feedback from someone who understands what you are trying to achieve – and it also provides you with encouragement and support on a day-to-day basis.

In this executive development journey, you learn new skills, apply it to your situation, receive feedback and learn from that experience. Ultimately, you start integrating these new skills into your way of working, behaving and thinking. It is a process that does not come without its challenges but the sense of fulfilment and confidence that you experience in both your professional and personal life more than makes up for this.

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