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Agile Leadership and Enterprise Coaching

Agile has become one of those overused buzz words over the last few years. Many organisations have undergone agile/digital transformations to remain competitive in their markets. Much of this work has been carried out by digital transformation consultants who tend to ‘install’ agile management processes into the product/production related areas of organisations.

Very few of these agile transformations really take hold. This is because the only way an agile approach becomes embedded in the culture of the organisation is if it is fully aligned with the business strategy and espoused and modelled by the leadership of the organisation. 

Very often what is missing is an enterprise-wide approach starting with the working alongside the leadership team to identify whether agile is going to help them deliver their business outcomes. 

If so, how do they become agile leaders who role model and lead the desired organisational transformation? It starts with them transforming their mindset and leadership style and role modelling agility to the rest of the organisation.

I work with individual leaders and leadership teams both online and face to face to partner with them in playing their part in creating an agile culture that will ensure the future success of their organisation.

In addition I partner with Marina Nicolas, an experienced agile leader and agile transformation consultant to offer an Agile MLM (mindset, leadership and management) Training Course.

You can find out more about the course with Marina here


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