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Leadership Workshops

There are myriad of leadership workshops available, so how do you choose the right one and ensure you get the best experience from it?

Good leadership workshops are an important part of any leadership development programme. Identifying your key development areas and determining which of these can be met through specific workshops is key. The benefits of a good leadership workshop go beyond the content of the session itself. They should include ways to ensure that you apply your learning and of getting feedback and support as you do so. A leadership workshop has achieved its objective when you continue to grow and develop long after the session is over. The workshop should act as a launch pad for honing your skills in the areas being covered..

With twenty years’ experience as a leader and twelve years of developing others to be effective leaders, I run workshops for groups of leaders within organisations. In this type of setting, I encourage collaboration across departments and facilitate peer learning.

Within these workshops, we cover key development areas such as strategy development, identifying company values, building trust and rapport, influencing skills, dialogue and collaboration skills – the key foundations on which you develop sustainably effective leadership.

They also have the added value of growing a support network between peers within an organisation which helps to build a learning community and role models the importance of continuing to learn and grow.

At these leadership workshops, we learn that being able to overcome obstacles and challenges is one of the most important steps in becoming a leader. With this in mind, I also offer senior leaders, executive directors and board members one-to-one coaching sessions which enable the important shifts in mindset and behaviour that allow you to keep ahead and to tackle challenges head on.

These sessions allow leaders time to reflect, receive honest feedback and provide a confidential sounding board that is essential for the growth and development of effective leadership.

Leadership workshops are an effective way to develop key skills on your journey to becoming a leader. Making sure you choose the right one ensures that this is so.


The leadership workshops delivered by Sue Coyne have been effective in developing leadership skills in both the public and private sectors as these testimonials show:

“Sue is passionate about what she teaches and has the unique ability to present the most complex concepts in a practical and inspiring way. I found the course invaluable and I apply the tools & techniques in my work.”
Alexandra Eleftheriou, Chief People Officer at Printec Group of Companies

“Sue combines an understanding of the pressures involved in senior leadership with a style that is engaging, insightful and affirmative. Sue has excellent multi-level listening skills. She pushes you with her questions in an unobtrusive way. I am now more aware of my strengths and my impact on those around me and my organisation, I have a language and conceptual frameworks to support my own learning and I know how to consciously manage my energy levels so that they are sustainable.”
Janet Soo Chung, CEO, NHS Lancashire

“As a result of the coaching I have greater self-awareness and am a far more effective leader which enables me to have a bigger impact on my organisation worldwide. My engagement with staff across the globe and my ability to drive cultural change have improved significantly. Sue is undoubtedly the most capable coach I have worked with and I have recommended her to several colleagues.”
Kevin Hill, Head of Global Engineering, Astra Zeneca

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