Leadership Classes


With twenty years’ experience as a business leader, twelve in coaching other leaders and an understanding of the latest thinking and theory on leadership, I provide leadership classes in a number of different ways. My approach is a holistic one, which sees you as a whole person not just a business leader and helps you to achieve success in all facets of your life. It is through interactive learning, reflection, feedback and experimenting with new ways of leading based on this learning that I help you achieve sustainable success.

Leadership Workshops

In my leadership workshops, we cover key elements of what it takes to be a leader, and the journey to becoming one. We work on strategy development, we identify company values and we look how you establish – and build on – trust. These are all vital aspects of sustainably effective leadership.

One of the added benefits of these types of leadership classes, is that the workshop element brings together peers from across the organisation to discuss and share their learning. This helps those attending to build a strong support network, the bonds they develop, strengthen and in turn benefit the organisation as they encourage inter-departmental collaboration and cross-fertilisation.

We also tackle how to handle problems, setbacks and obstacles. Although on the surface, these things may appear negative, they are an important part of the journey to become a leader. With this foresight, we look at ways of managing and overcoming these challenges in order to enable your people, yourself and your organisation and keep the momentum going forwards.

One-to-one sessions

Alongside these leadership workshops, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions to senior leaders, executive directors and board members. This sometimes takes the form of shadow coaching, can provide you with a confidential sounding board, ensures honest feedback and provides you with the time to reflect. All of which enable the important shifts in mindset and behaviour that allow you to flourish as a leader and stay on track.

Leadership Team Coaching

The systemic leadership team coaching approach I use results in sustainable high performance for leadership teams which in turn creates the climate for sustainable high performance for their organisations.

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