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Leadership Development Programme

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Becoming a leader is not something that can be undertaken passively. It is not about turning up to a class and expecting leadership skills to ‘happen’ to you. I encourage leaders to take ownership and responsibility for their own development.

leadership-developmental-programme-SueCoyne.comMy leadership development programme is about identifying what your strengths and development areas are and putting a programme together that works for you – that you can engage in and take an active approach to. This programme is unlike the many off-the-shelf programmes available – with the results of the diagnostic stage, together we create a bespoke learning programme for you. From a personal development point of view, I encourage the incorporation of different types of learning into the programme.

I carry out a diagnostic phase to find out where your strengths and development areas are. This can be carried out through face-to-face interviews with the people you work with, a 360 feedback on your leadership, or a team assessment. On the basis of this, we design a programme which could include a combination of workshops, online material and coaching.

On the basis of this, we design a programme which could include a combination of workshops, on-line material and coaching. The diagnostic is normally repeated a year or so later, to see what progress has been made in the intervening twelve months.

Learning Buddies

Whatever the composition of the programme, I encourage you to find a buddy to give you support and feedback as you progress. This allows you to get on-the-ground feedback in the workplace from someone who works closely with you with you.

Individual Self-Directed Learning

This is based around self-coaching – using the videos and workbooks that I provide to guide you. This is taking an active role in determining what you want to get from the process and how you will apply your learning.

Social Learning

I provide a programme which includes peer group learning. You learn some content online then we have an action learning set where you share your learning with your peers through a conference call. This approach even works wherever you and your peers are based be that at home, in the office, or overseas.

Further Support

The line manager is on hand to provide support and feedback and make sure you have opportunities to implement your objectives so you are able to grow. This means it is not a developmental plan that is on paper, but it is actually put in to practice.

Work-Based Learning

This is where you apply what you have learnt in the workplace and embed it in day-to-day way of operating and to your behaviours. Feedback is an important part of this process as learning is an iterative process, You identify how the learning applies to your own situation, experiment with applying it and trying out new behaviours, get feedback on that and gradually integrate it into how you operate.This is ultimately what makes your learning sustainable.

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