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Executive Training

What is Executive Training?

There are a lot of business schools out there all offering a wide range of executive training courses available to those in business. These are well-respected schools which have a huge following and incorporate the latest in leadership thinking. However, attending these courses involves a big time and cost commitment. In the roles and careers of those who want to develop leadership skills, giving up time at work to do these types of executive training courses is a huge sacrifice, and not one that many can afford.

This is why I designed my online course – so that while it includes the latest leadership thinking and the space to self-coach and be coached, it also allows you to follow it in your own time, at a pace that suits you.

On top of that, with my approach, executives realise that if they want to become a sustainably effective leader, they need to go on a personal journey. This more holistic view of leadership allows you to maximise success in all areas of your life, not just within the office. When you see changes in all aspects of your life, your potential as a human being – and as a leader – increases exponentially.

The online course, The Effective Leadership Launcher™, is suitable for those people in senior management who have expertise in a specialist area and who want to develop their skills as leaders. It has been designed to also be suitable for established leaders who want to increase their effectiveness as leaders.

The flexibility and freedom that this online executive training course provides means you can explore all the latest leadership thinking and neuroscience and incorporate it in to your own lives – in your own time and at your own pace.

The focus of this course centres around balance, identity, trust, inspiration and collaboration. In my years of supporting people to transition into leadership, these are the five areas that I have established as key to those leaders flourishing. The course incorporates the development of these five qualities through the following stages:

Triple H Support Systems™

The first thing you need to do to become a sustainably effective leader is find a definition of success that is not just about work, but about your whole life. Having this wider definition of success will give you balance. I call this stage Triple H Support Systems, as it enables you to be happy, healthy, and a high performer on a sustainable basis in all areas of your life.

Leadership Identity Igniter™

So, with more balance in your life you will have the headspace to move to the next stage and to start identifying who you are as a leader. You do this through creating your very own personal leadership brand. This helps to build your confidence in yourself as a leader.

Effective Empowerment Energiser™

With clarity around your identity as a leader you will step up into your leadership role. Key to being able to do that is to learn to let go and empower your people. Once you do this, they will be energised and you will feed off that energy and be energised yourself. This will make a difference to everyone’s effectiveness.

People’s Potential Propeller™

The way you inspire your people is by being a role model of a leader who is growing, and developing into the best leader you can be. You coach them so they also grow and realise their potential. This allows the organisation to grow and realise its potential, which benefits everyone connected with it.

Stakeholder Engagement Accelerator™

Then you can start to look externally at all your other key stakeholders, which widens your influence and impact as a leader. Having a strategy for how to collaborate with your key stakeholders will ensure that you create long-term win-win relationships. This brings sustainable high performance for you and your business.

In addition, there is a bonus section on Leading Change. Change is a constant for today’s leaders, so it is important to learn how to lead yourself and your people through change and continue to inspire, motivate and deliver results.

What you learn from this course will enable you to become a sustainably effective leader at a speed which suits you and your lifestyle. As you learn and grow through the course you will see a transformational effect on all aspects of your life as you adjust your mindset and behaviours to deal with leadership challenges, communicate with impact and develop the confidence to lead groups of people to even greater success.

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