Stop Doing Start Leading Book

How to shift from doing the work yourself to becoming a Great Leader

Here’s what you will learn in this book:

  • You’ll discover who you are as a leader and what you stand for
  • You will identify what gives you balance as a leader so that you can be happy and healthy as well as high performing
  • You will learn how to create an empowerment process that works for you and those you are empowering
  • You will learn how to develop the potential of your people through coaching and feedback
  • How to engage all of the stakeholders who influence your results and
  • How to catalyse sustainable change in yourself and others

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Let’s get you started on becoming an even more effective leader

Learning all of this will enable you to:


  • Transition from being bogged down in the detail to being launched as the great leader you are capable of being.
  • Grow and develop so that you stay relevant to your business as it grows and develops creating sustainable success for everyone
  • Make a difference by creating an environment in which your people thrive

This is your opportunity to step up to your leadership potential, to develop your people into a team that delivers results and makes you proud.


  • “If you aspire to be a great leader, this book is for you. It addresses the core issue of leadership: inspiring and engaging your employees to bring their full selves to work. Based on years of accumulated wisdom Sue describes what you must do to get the best out of your people.”

    Richard Barrett, Founder and Chairman of the Barrett Values Centre,

  • “A great book for the business owner shifting from expert to an inspiring leader.”

    Andy Harrington Sunday Times Best Selling Author of Passion Into Profit

  • “Sue writes as she is: warm, clear and complete. I have read many management and leadership books but none have given me such a complete guide to personal leadership as Stop Doing, Start Leading. I particularly like the focus on behaviour, mindset and insight as the keys to developing an Authentic Leadership Brand. I experienced this in my sessions with Sue and it has made a big impact on me.”

    Gerard de Reuver, former client and President of DSM Dyneema

  • “In Stop Doing, Start Leading, Sue Coyne guides us on the personal journey from ‘being the expert’ to a place where we can truly lead others, helping them develop their own talents. Coyne draws on her own experience as a manager and mother, and illustrates her points with engaging stories from her coaching practice. She shows us how to step out of the ‘expert syndrome’ by clarifying our own unique, authentic approach to leadership. Coyne helps us see how our inner state impacts our leadership capacity, then shows us how to shift out of burnout and gain the confidence, balance and, yes, the inner happiness we need to stay resilient and effectively lead others. She goes on to reveal how we can grow as leaders by engaging, empowering and developing others. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their next step in growing as a person and as a leader.”

    Bill Joiner, co-author, Leadership Agility

  • “Sue’s book draws on her own personal experience of leadership and its challenges as a leader in her own right, and as an insightful and effective coach. It provides important advice for anyone contemplating or indeed currently in a leadership role. The chapters on personal energy management and taking responsibility for your own wellbeing are particularly valuable and illustrate perfectly Sue’s human approach to the topic of leadership.”

    Janet Soo-Chung CBE, former client and CEO of North Lancashire PCT

  • “Sue’s book is an intelligent, thought-through, warm-hearted and profoundly practical book for those who really want to make a difference, not solely in terms of business results but also for the people they lead.”

    Myles Downey, author of Effective Modern Coaching and Enabling Genius – A Mindset for Success in the 21st Century

  • “In a world where stakeholders are increasingly focused on what a company stands for as much as what it does, this is a leadership book very much for its time. It is full of insight that will help you develop your own authentic leadership style.”

    Chris Oglesby, former client, CEO of Bruntwood

  • “This book is a great guide to the people and relationship side of leadership. Sue makes it very accessible and clear so as a leader I can readily relate to the ideas, concepts and approaches. There is the invitation to reflect on the learning and insights she provides and try them out in practice so she engages you in the challenges of being a leader. This book is great if you are stepping up into a leadership position and guides you to the style of leadership that is authentic for you. If you take this seriously you will undoubtedly shift from doing to leading.”

    John Leary-Joyce, President of the Academy of Executive Coaching

  • “As the pace of change continues to accelerate, the need for leaders to create an environment of trust in which individuals and their organisations thrive, becomes even more important. Sue’s book challenges current and aspiring leaders to reflect on how they are being (in addition to what they are doing) by drawing on a wide range of perspectives. A valuable read – enjoy the journey!”

    Sue Swanborough, HR Director, General Mills Northern Europe

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