Stop Doing Start Leading Book

Here’s what you will learn in this book:

  • You’ll discover who you are as a leader and what you stand for

  • You will identify what gives you balance as a leader so that you can be happy and healthy as well as high performing

  • You will learn how to create an empowerment process that works for you and those you are empowering

  • You will learn how to develop the potential of your people through coaching and feedback
  • How to engage all of the stakeholders who influence your results and

  • How to catalyse sustainable change in yourself and others

Order the book today for £18.99 including postage and packaging and you will get a free audio version to download so that you can take it with you wherever you go (value £12.99)

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Let’s get you started on becoming an even more effective leader

Learning all of this will enable you to:

Transition from being bogged down in the detail to being launched as the great leader you are capable of being.

Grow and develop so that you stay relevant to your business as it grows and develops creating sustainable success for everyone

Make a difference by creating an environment in which your people thrive

This is your opportunity to step up to your leadership potential, to develop your people into a team that delivers results and makes you proud.



18th February 2019

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