How effective is your team at Remote Working?

  • The Challenge accelerates remote collaboration skills in a multi-dimensional environment
  • In a time-constrained scenario you learn how to collaborate under pressure
  • Develop reduced anxiety and stress even in environments not experienced before
  • Real-Time learning with results to measure performance
  • This energising experience ensures you are motivated to apply your learning back at work.
  • This Challenge offers a powerful, fun, team building opportunity

How it works

  • It is for existing teams/groups of between 6 and 9 people
  • Alternatively, we can co-ordinate individual bookings to make up a virtual team
  • The whole experience lasts approximately 3.5 hours facilitated by Sue Coyne via ZOOM.
  • Participants will need a PC and fully charged smartphone with good Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity

Competitive inter-team or inter-departmental league table, optional. The highest team score wins your league.

Team option: £995 + VAT for 6-9 people
Individual option:  £150 +VAT per person

To discuss your specific requirements please contact us on +44 7768 936400 or via our contact form

For each team entering we will make a charity donation to the following

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