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Executive Education

What is Executive Education?

For the modern leader, gaining access to an executive education is straightforward. However, gaining access to the right executive education for you is not so simple.

A lot of leaders are restricted by the time available as they juggle their careers andpersonal lives. They struggle to fulfil what is expected of them on the executive education courses available. Many of which demand time away from the office, weekends away – and cost a lot of money.

It is for these reasons that I have designed the executive education courses that I offer leaders. Instead of the standard off-the-shelf training programmes on offer, I design my courses around you.

For really effective executive education, I believe that you need to embark on a personal journey in order to achieve your goal. This has its challenges and its triumphs – and will allow you to open up to the possibilities of your own potential in your personal and professional life.

The Effective Leadership Launcher™

While my online course, The Effective Leadership Launcher™, includes all the latest leadership thinking and covers the key aspects of effective leadership, it is designed to be followed at your own pace and time.

This course is recommended as the ideal executive education because it has been formulated to help[ those who are experts in a specialist field who want to transition into being effective leaders. While you may feel confident in your own area of expertise, you may not feel that you possess the skills to successfully lead a group of people. My course will show you not only how to develop that ability, but also how you can achieve effective, sustainable leadership which will have a transformative effective on you, your people and your organisation.

I have distilled all my years of leadership experience, developing leaders and studying the latest leadership thinking and neuroscience into a bespoke package which you will be able to follow and incorporate into the way you operate.

My executive education training allows you to develop:
  • Confidence and self-belief
  • Leadership presence and impact

  • Your ability to motivate and inspire people
  • Improved resilience

This course has had a huge impact on many organisations already. While these businesses run at a fast pace, and the leaders with whom I work acknowledge that they are time-poor, they have been able to easily incorporate my programme into their personal journey to become sustainably effective leaders.

According to the leaders with whom I have worked, the development I have provided has enabled them to have a greater impact on their organisation and their people. They have commented on how it has also improved their work-life balance and as a result, their personal lives. It is an executive education which is accessible to all leaders, and is designed to be readily understood and implemented by all who follow it.

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