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Leadership Courses

There are many skills and abilities that a successful leader requires. These range from setting a vision and a strategy through to self-awareness. In our fast-paced world, a leader must be able to build an effective leadership team around them capable of developing and supporting the delivery of the vision and strategy. All of these abilities can be developed.

Leadership Courses - suecoyne.somA misunderstood concept is that people are born leaders. This is not the case. Leadership is something that is learned and this learning is something that continues throughout your lifetime. This should give you confidence that you too can become an effective leader.

How is this achieved? The purpose of an effective leadership course is to look at where you are now, and design a programme that allows you to get to where you want to be.

On the leadership courses that I have devised, I work with you on developing your vision, and the values that underpin your style. We look at the ways in which you inspire, engage and motivate the team of people that you lead.

Our Leadership Courses Help You Develop Confidence

One of the foundations of developing leadership is building confidence. Confidence comes from self-belief and empowers you to lead a group of people. It comes from having clarity about what you stand for as a leader and thereby being able to give your people a clear direction of where you are heading.

This clarity also supports you in role modelling appropriate behaviours and in the choices that you make. Women leaders especially benefit from this. Where once they may have felt uncomfortable putting themselves in the spotlight, my leadership courses provide them with the tools to feel more assured about their own abilities.
And the point of all this? Developing your leadership skills in this way allows for a deeper enjoyment of your professional and personal life – and can enable you to handle tough situations better than before.
I am passionate about the importance of leadership. Traditionally, leaders have been forceful and competitive. Gradually, this old fashioned concept of a leader is becoming extinct. I believe this is a good thing, as modern organisations need leaders who are not out for their own ends and who create environments which have a positive, inspirational impact on their people. My personal mission is to help bring through this style of leadership.
The leadership courses I design for current or potential leaders include a combination of the following:

Leadership Team Coaching

This results in an effective collective leadership style which creates sustainable high performance for the organisations they work in.

Mastermind Groups

This is an extremely powerful way for leaders to learn together and from each other.

One to One Leadership Coaching

This enables individual leaders to build on their strengths and address their development areas in becoming sustainably effective.

Online Coaching

I set up my online course, The Effective Leadership Launcher, in order to help those people who are experts in their field to transition into sustainably effective leaders. The course is tailored to be as flexible as possible and fit in with the busyness of working life. The online tools support self-coaching and can also be part of a blended coaching approach when combined with one-to-one or group coaching.

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Benefit from my 30 years as a business leader and leadership coach to become a more sustainably effective leader right away


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