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Executive Coaching

The Basis Of Effective Executive Coaching Is To Develop Talented Individuals Within An Organisation Into Leaders.

It is a process of growth and development that requires a strong commitment. This effort is rewarded by becoming the best leader you can be, and the subsequent success and fulfilment that follows.

Becoming an effective leader is a mental, spiritual and emotional journey. Through the process, leaders have to become used to encountering tough challenges and testing situations – all the while maintaining consistency in judgement and behaviour.

I have been responsible for helping board members, senior leaders and executive directors with executive training and development which often includes executive coaching. This involves a course of one-to-one coaching sessions and sometimes coaching in real time as they go about their day-to-day work. My role here is to provide a confidential sounding board, whilst enabling them to shift their mindsets and change their behaviour in order to progress as an effective leader.

How Executive Coaching Can Help You

My executive development programmes enable leaders to:

  • Create the time and space to reflect
  • See their current and future challenges from a wider perspective
  • Co-create their development journey to overcome those challenges
  • Ensure they continue to meet the needs of all of their stakeholders
  • Stay on course by providing the honest feedback, robust challenge and support they need in order to get results

Executive coaching allows leaders to develop greater self-awareness and confidence in their own ability to inspire and influence their people. This increased impact on the organisation is strengthened by their ability to make the right decisions in tough situations. This helps to increase engagement and improve the overall mindset of the people within the business.

My approach to executive coaching is:

REAL – it is applied to real situations and includes real time shadow coaching
INTEGRATED – treats you as a whole being and expects you to bring all of yourself to the coaching journey
SYSTEMIC – situates your leadership in the context of the wider system and your impact on key stakeholders
EXPECTATIONS – includes a measurement process that tracks your desired changes and outcomes to ensure a return on expectations for you, your key stakeholders and your organisation

Through this process leaders become role models. They show the importance of continuing to grow and develop in order to maximise the ablity to contribute as the organisation itself grows and develops.

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