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Leadership Qualities

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Leader?

Remove the idea that a leader wears a cape and his underpants outside his trousers right now!

The notion that a good leader is a fearless, omnipotent, alpha male is nonsense.

The qualities of a good leader actually rely a lot more on emotional intelligence and consistency than on physical brawn and command.

A good leader has empathy, the ability to engage and inspire and build trust. They are there to empower the team of people that surrounds them.

A true leader is humble, is there to serve and to support others in achieving the end goal. This servant mentality allows you to listen to your people, encourage them and inspire them. When becoming a leader, you learn that you are not there for your own ends, you are there for them.

This process isn’t demoralising or dispiriting. Quite the opposite. According to the leaders I have walked alongside, it is one of the most inspiring, rewarding journeys a person can experience.

The truth is, anyone can be a leader. We all have it within ourselves to develop good leadership qualities. Not all of us, however, are willing to go through the process that becoming one entails.

Key Leadership Qualities Do Not Depend On Your Personality!

No one leader is the same and because of this, leadership qualities vary massively. You can be male or female, you can be outgoing or introspective. Artistic or scientific. However, the one thing that unites all leaders is that they have set aside their ego for the greater good.

All leaders may be different, but good, effective leaders share similar traits, and these traits can be learnt. These are the key leadership qualities that my coaching can help you develop:

Empowering – to motivate and inspire a team of people is vital to reaching a shared vision

Leaderful – to ability to provide balance, consistency and no small amount of courage.

Collaborative – a business’s best assets are its people. To collaborate with these people allows you to be open to a wealth of ideas, suggestions and insights.

Inspiring – the leadership process enables you to realise your own energy and learn how you can use that to inspire and get the best out of your people. Motivating them will lead to them becoming fully engaged.

Co-creative – You lead by creating a vision together, and through their contribution to this vision you give people a sense of achievement, responsibility and accountability

Transformative – A good leader has to be able to adapt and change as in a fast paced world this is crucial to the survival of a business

Visionary – a good leader acts as a vehicle to mobilise people towards a shared vision.

Evolving – a leader should not get to the point where they feel they have learnt everything. A good leader spends their whole life learning, evolving and absorbing.

My coaching addresses all the qualities and abilities necessary to be an effective, sustainable leader. It is within all of us, but the secret is to realise that you are more than capable of becoming one.

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