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Leadership Team Coaching For Sustainable High Performance

Many of the teams I coach are full of talented individuals but they haven’t learnt to work together to get even better results. Building a team takes time and effort and outside help is often needed. Through leadership team or Board coaching the individuals come together and start to provide effective collective leadership, create a joined up organisation, stay relevant and deliver sustainable high performance.


The effort put into this is rewarded through:-

  • A shared purpose which enhances engagement and satisfaction which, according to Chartered Institute of Personnel Development research, improves output.
  • A greater sense of belonging, commitment and accountability, which results in better quality of work life; reduced absenteeism and turnover; improved productivity and quality. All of which mean more satisfied stakeholders and adding greater value to the business.
  • Improved innovation through a willingness to accept difference, openness to new ideas and higher levels of adaptability. In this way the team role models a willingness to change and transform to the organisation thus enabling it to adapt more quickly and remain competitive

All of which have a positive impact on the bottom line. High performing teams improve the contribution the team makes to the organisation through both its own performance and its positive ripple effect on the rest of the organisation.


“Your interventions and support on an individual and team level have been instrumental in our team’s journey. Much of the progress we have made is due to your support and we are moving from a potential to a real team with growth beyond.” – Global HR Director, Global Chemical Group.


How I Can Help Coach Your Team

Through team coaching I help teams:-

  • Identify what is holding them back
  • Co-create a team development journey to overcome these blocks
  • Create an environment of trust where conversations are open and honest and difference is valued
  • Get clarity on their shared vision and purpose, their roles, priorities and goals
  • Develop a team culture and team processes which encourage accountability and support high performance
  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure they continue to meet their needs
  • Grow ahead of the organisation so they stay relevant and can meet its future needs
  • Put in place strong foundations so new members can be easily integrated

My approach to team coaching is:-

  • Real – it is applied to real situations and includes real time coaching/observation.
  • Integrated & works with the team both as a collective and as individuals.
  • Systemic – it situates your collective leadership in the context of the wider system and your impact on key stakeholders.
  • Expectations – includes a measurement process that tracks your desired changes and outcomes to ensure a return on expectations for the team, its key stakeholders and the organisation.

“The Commercial benefits are many – better customer service to our internal customers, higher productivity and preparedness to move to more efficient ways of working. What’s more we are seen as a role model for the rest of the organisation and our Employee Engagement score has improved from 71% to 80% due in no small part to the team coaching.”– Group HR Director Airport Group.

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