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One-to-One Leadership Coaching


One-to-one Leadership Coaching that Fast-tracks Your Success


Leadership is a journey of growth and development and all leaders face tough challenges and have hurdles to overcome in order to maintain the best level of performance. I am a trusted companion to senior leaders, executive directors and Board members who are committed to their own development. Through one-to-one leadership coaching sessions and shadow coaching I provide a confidential sounding board and enable the shifts in mindset and behaviour they require to stay ahead.

My coaching helps leaders:-

  • Take the time and space to reflect
  • Identify their current and future challenges
  • Co-create their development journey to overcome those challenges
  • Ensure they continue to meet the needs of all of their stakeholders
  • Stay on course by providing the honest feedback, robust challenge and support they need to get results


As a result of the coaching I have greater self awareness and am a far more effective leader which enables me to have a bigger impact on my organisation worldwide. My engagement with staff across the globe and my ability to drive cultural change have improved significantly. Sue is undoubtedly the most capable coach I have worked with and I have recommended her to several colleagues.” – Kevin Hill, Head of Global Engineering, Astra Zeneca.


My Approach To Personalised Leadership Coaching

My approach to coaching is:-

  • Real – it is applied to real situations and includes real time shadow coaching
  • Integrated – treats you as a whole being and expects you to bring all of yourself to the coaching journey
  • Systemic – situates your leadership in the context of the wider system and your impact on key stakeholders
  • Expectations – includes a measurement process that tracks your desired changes and outcomes to ensure a return on expectations for you, your key stakeholders and your organisation.

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