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Effective Leadership Launcher

Would you like to accelerate your journey to becoming a great leader?

Maybe you are an aspiring leader

Perhaps you are a Manager who has been promoted into a leadership position

Maybe you are an expert in your field who needs to transition into leadership

Possibly you find yourself in a leadership role without the support and training you need to cope, develop and thrive as a leader

Whatever your starting point, my aim with this on-line programme is to accelerate your journey to becoming a great leader who gets results through others.

From my 20 years as a business leader myself and 13 years of coaching and developing leaders I have identified the six keys to becoming a sustainably effective leader:

  • Balance
  • Identity
  • Trust
  • Inspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Change

The six modules of this on-line course enable you to master each of these six keys to becoming a great leader and build on the material covered in my book Stop Doing, Start Leading.

This course

In this programme I deliver the core content on video (there are 13 hours of video material) so that you can follow it at a time and place to suit you. I explain the concepts you need to understand each topic by distilling all the latest leadership thinking and neuroscience. This is then supported with detailed course notes, assessments, self-coaching questions, workbooks and tip sheets to help you to put the learning into practice and implement it in your daily leadership practice.The idea is that step by step, module by module you master the skills you need to become a great leader.

Taking this course is your opportunity to:

  • Step up to your leadership potential
  • Develop your people into a team that consistently delivers results and makes you proud
  • Create an environment in which you and your people can thrive


“The Effective Leaderhip Launcher Programme is the most systematic leadership programme I have participated in. During the whole programme, we experienced very comprehensive sessions, including Balance (Triple H support system), Identify (Leadership Identify Igniter), Trust (Effective Empowerment Energiser), Inspiration (People’s Potential Propeller), and Collaboration (Stakeholder Engagement Accelerator)

These sessions bring the fundamental knowledge of management as well as step-up skills of leadership. I would recommend it to other people, as it really has good impact.”

Daniel Deng, Business Controller, DSM, China

Sue Coyne, Trusted Advisor to individuals, Leadership Teams and organisations.

“I really enjoyed these videos. The quality is high, speed and diction good. Having PowerPoints available is also good and enables people to work at their own pace. This is suitable for all levels of leader and could be part of someone’s individual development plan for the year and if followed and internalised can be powerful and impactful for one’s growth as a leader.”

Eric Streets, VP Global HR, DSM Dyneema, Netherlands

“Sue’s Effective Leadership Launcher programme is packed full of additional resources and workbooks to further expand on the on-line learning. This was my first venture into an extensive on-line learning course and it was great to be able to pause and reflect throughout the learnings. The training was a comprehensive experience. There is something in every section for even the most experienced leaders to take away.”

Annie Lane

“This is a great programme!! An incredible opportunity to improve leadership skills! My favourite part was to create my Personal Authentic Leadership Brand, a great exercise that involves personal and professional reflections. The course gives you time to assimilate the learning of each session and put it in practice automatically.”

Silvia Fialho , DSM Nutritional Products, Brazil

I want to help you accelerate your journey to becoming a great leader so I am offering this programme at a very special price. So please fill in your details below and I will tell you more

Benefit from my 30 years as a business leader and leadership coach to become a more sustainably effective leader right away
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