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Benefit from my 30 years as a business leader and leadership coach to become a more sustainably effective leader, Hire me as a speaker.

Sue Coyne is available for hire as a keynote speaker

Recent keynote speeches include:

Growing Sustainably Effective Leaders

ICF Tour in London, Athens, Sofia, Barcelona, Milan, Budapest in Autumn 2015

Enabling Genius

What it Means for Leaders and Coaches ICF Tour in Sofia and Paris in Autumn 2015

Using Neuroscience to Convert Stress to Sustainable Success

Stress Off Stress Management Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, April 2016 (voted the best speaker)

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18th February 2019

Does Stress Exist Outside the Western World?

What are the factors that help to alleviate stress in your life? Are there any parallels with what I discovered in South East Asia?
31st October 2016

Featured in the Daily Telegraph

Monday morning and I am pleased to say I am featured in the telegraph under the lifestyle and wellbeing section, if you have the actual paper then you will probably not miss it with the size dedicated to the picture…
16th September 2016

4. How Often Do You Say No?

It’s the end of the week. Taking a look at her action list, Operations Director Frazzled Freda notices it’s not got any shorter.  In fact, it’s got longer – even though she’s finally managed to complete a number of priority…